In this issue, a new class of the city’s luminaries — designers, models, artists — show where clothing and style are going: to the root

There is no normalcy to the clothing artist Sonya Sombreuil makes. She is moving at her own speed.

Physical spaces in L.A. have always been sacred. Ashley S.P. and Jennifer Zapata see their concept shop as a vehicle for community and an homage to their friendship.

Model Sarita Fernandez and makeup artist Selena Ruiz on the power of gassing each other up on set and ending the night at Phở 87.

With each collection, the experimental designer traces the myriad inspirations from the city that she draws from regularly: her community, the evening light, the scrambled architecture of L.A.

The Polio brothers are shaking up the modeling game with a bond that’s hard to explain.

Suay Sew Shop is attempting something that feels necessary: showing that waste is a choice that doesn’t need to be made.

Last One Left’s Christopher M. Bailey’s latest collection is an experiment in sustainably remixing the fashion of yesterday.

Marcus Correa knows fashion doesn’t mean anything without the specific stories that people bring with them.

From Delos to Busybdy to DITA, here’s how you add fresh colors, textures and silhouettes to your closet.

From the L.A. designers taking over NYFW to the buzziest shows in town, the Drip Index got you covered.

  • A living conversation among L.A.'s intellectual giants — artists, scholars, activists and writers.

  • Market research, reviews, close reads on fashion objects, luxury goods and innovative products.

  • Essays, criticism and style analysis that make the fashion trends of L.A. make sense on their own terms.

  • A curated list of the fashion and beauty items you need right now.

  • When the stylists and fashion artists of L.A. make themselves into the work.

  • A running tab of the hottest pop-up, drops, releases and events in L.A. every month.


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