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    A candle made for Gay Pride by Literie in association with New York City’s official tourism arm. The smell? Jasmine and sandalwood.

    What Does Gay Pride Smell Like?

    Candle makers offer tie-ins with whiffs of ginger, warm woods and bergamot. Sniff, sniff, sniff.


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    CreditRobert Evans Studios

    Sharing the ‘Call for Service’ and a Life Together

    Sofia Gross joined the Navy about a year after she and Michael Haft, a former Marine, began dating. She planned much of their wedding from a military base in Bahrain.



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    Sydney Lotuaco and Nick Wehby were married May 13 at Mimosa Barn in Cape Charles, Va.
    CreditKristen Zeis for The New York Times

    When Her Reality TV Journey Ended a Real-Life Romance Began

    Sydney Lotuaco, a contestant on “The Bachelor” more than four years ago, may not have gotten the final rose, but she did meet her future husband, Nick Wehby, as a result of her appearance on the show.


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    CreditNaomi Otsu

    What Wedding Night Sex?

    If you fell asleep on the big night, don’t worry. So did many other (still) happily married couples.


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    Once you determine where you are on the sobriety spectrum, you can then make beverage choices that allow you to celebrate safely and still create an experience that is enjoyable.
    CreditRikki Snyder for The New York Times

    Sober or in Recovery? Here’s How to Plan a Dry Wedding.

    Organizing a wedding without alcohol is not without pitfalls: Will guests partake in mocktails and so-called functional beverages, and still have a good time? Are zero-proof spirits worth the cost?


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    Ross Uhrich and Jessica Carter Altman were married May 28 at Villa Balbiano in Ossuccio, a town on Lake Como, Italy.
    CreditJose Villa

    From Fairly Low Expectations, a Wonderful Surprise

    Ross Uhrich and Jessica Carter Altman, the daughter of Lynda Carter Altman, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s, expected their first encounter to be brief. It wasn’t.


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    Lorenzo Vinti, left, and Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. at their home in Sayville, N.Y.
    CreditT.S. Evering

    Facing Death and Other Fears, and Coming Away Stronger

    Lorenzo Vinti and Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. were married for only two years before they were hit with life’s difficulties, including Mr. Vinti’s cancer diagnosis and the death of his father.